Natalie on Love Games Episode 3: Whatever It Takes

I picked Corey B. as my first person for the clothing challenge because it was time to get in his head and start playing “LOVE GAMES.” He might have questioned it a little but now it’s time for me to pull some tricks out of my sleeve. Just like the Bad Girl that I am is supposed to do!

When Taylor went on the date with Amber we both agreed that he would start kissing her ass just to make sure she doesn’t put him up again. It’s clear that Taylor is team Natalie so we planned that he would start kissing Amber’s ass to make her believe that he likes her.

Corey W. going outside and screaming he was team Natalie was just showing that he wasn’t a fake and he would let everyone know what team he was really on. I knew at this point anyways Lea and Amber were playing.

I picked Jason and Robert as my dates to just have a good time and get to know the other guys! At this point I already have Corey W. and Taylor so it's time to get these other guys to know me a little better!

I think Mathew knew it was about that time for him to go. The poem and whatever he was saying to Amber was like bla bla bla going in one ear and out the other... LAME... HE KNOWS BETTER THAN TO EVEN PULL THAT FAKE SH*T OVER HERE! I knew Benz was going to stay and Corey W. was team Natalie. But since Lea and I couldn’t come to an agreement about who to eliminate, it went back to Amber. It's ok because what I have in store for these girls next is all that matters!
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