Natalie on Love Games Episode 5: Guess Who's Coming to Love Games?

When my mom came to the house it was a great feeling! I knew right away it was going to be a fun day. Hanging out with your mom is always fun when your mom’s a rock star and is as fun as mine. My mom is my best friend. She knows all of my deepest secrets, and our relationship is awesome. I can tell her anything and she would never judge me. She doesn’t ever judge anyone -- that’s just how she is. She was able to sit down and mingle with all the guys and just based off of their personality, she could tell if they would be able to handle someone like me. FYI: I did not lie to my mom about having sex. When I with Taylor, he and I did not sleep together. We exchanged friendly kisses and maybe just a little something else. Wink, wink!

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As soon as my mom spoke with Corey B, I knew she was going to give him a chance. No matter what Corey B has done to me or what I’ve done to him, my mom would never judge him about it. She believes there are two sides to every story and she always wants to hear them both. When Corey B told my mom that I have a lot of the qualities that he looks for in a girl, my mom told me to take it a little easier on him. She believes all the negative energy going back and forth between him and I could turn into chemistry if we put our differences aside.

I knew from day one that John was all about little blonde and prissy kind of girls. I knew he would never be able to handle someone like me. I never cared about him so when he got drunk and flipped out, I didn’t even bother to care. Fine, send yourself home! Now there’s another one of Amber’s guys down and I couldn’t care less! I was actually laughing and smiling when John went home.

Emilio going home didn’t really affect me because I actually felt like he wasn’t really “team” anyone. He just kept flip flopping between girls. I just had to make sure that Jason didn’t go anywhere. Jason was officially on the “DARK SIDE” even though Amber thought he would always stay on her side and never come near me! Guess she was wrong!
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