Natalie on Love Games Episode 6: Lewd, Prude & Otherwise

The sexy photo shoot challenge was exciting. I was happy that one of the challenges was a photo shoot. I've been doing a lot of photo shoots since Bad Girls Club so it was exciting for me. Winning this week’s challenge felt great because it was a photo shoot and I got to show how being bad and sexy is me.

I felt like the kiss between Amber and Corey B was the biggest joke ever. It's Love Games, Amber! If she was into Corey B as much as she claimed, she could have given him at least a small "REAL" kiss... not spit champagne in his mouth and not be meaningful.

I saw Amber out of the corner of my eye kiss Taylor on the cheek and I was so pissed off. I just felt like she was trying to be slick and I'm not the one to f*ck with. Although Taylor could care less about Amber, it I was upset because she was being disrespectful. She could have possibly caught another ass whooping over something as small as that.

With Taylor was we just are a perfect match... The two of us have chemistry and no one can get between us. I just had to start showing interest in a few other guys just in case any of them were feeling like I was all Taylor. But Taylor knew I was falling head over heels for him.

I picked Corey B to take on my date because I knew he was vulnerable to have on team Natalie now. After Amber not kissing him it was my time to move in and get Corey on my side. It was the perfect chance to show this guy some loving and change his mind set completely. I really wasn’t into Corey but I had fun playing with the body paint and enjoying some one-on-one time.

No, Corey was not a better kisser than Taylor. It was just that when you have chemistry with someone kissing them feels so real and perfect. Kissing Corey B was just like a game I was playing. It had no meaning or feeling at all.

I put Benz, Robert R, and Bruno up for elimination. I didn’t care which one went home but one of them had to go because they weren’t Team Natalie!!

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