Natalie on Love Games episode 7: And Then There Were Two

I picked Robert to be on my team because I knew I had to change the teams up a little... I had to strategize and Lea would have had two guys on her team who would do anything for her... I didnt want that. So I picked Robert for a different team to spice it up. I knew Benz had feelings for me, so the lie detector test just put the icing on the cake for the other girls to have to deal with the fact that he had feeling for me. Lea was in denial over the whole Benz situation and I was laughing inside when it finally came out.Taylor hates tattoos but I told him if he was going to get one to get it on the bottom of his foot.... Even though it would hurt a lot it would be somewhere that you cant see it. Him going through with the tattoo was an amazing feeling, but I didnt want to just end things there.When Taylor won HBIC for me I was actually really excited and happy that he completed every challenge for me but this is a GAME and in order for Taylor and I to win this I needed to win at least 1 or 2 of these other guys over with limited time left. So I decided to get out of my feelings and how much I was in love with the fact that Taylor did all these things for me. I was thinking -- This is a GAME and if I want to win with the special person I care about the most THINK BIGGER PICTURE. On my date with Benz I actually got to know him a little more and he was humble, sweet, and a strong man! I felt like Benz and I had a connection and he was fun to hang out with. The kiss between Benz and I was nothing like the connection I had with Taylor. Taylor and I are meant to be. Taylor over Benz any day!! He has the whole package: education, smart, fun, spunk, character, chemistry. HOTTEST WHITE BOY I've ever been with!! =) Wink wink.Amber and Jason going home was perfect. Amber was lame anyways ... and Jason really in the end was not for me!

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