Tanisha on Love Games Episode 2: Punch Drunk Love

After I spoke to Natalie, I think she really started thinking about why she was there. Natalie is a feisty hot-head on and off television so the competition will only add to that. So that's her all day, every day. I did tell Amber to stand up for herself, you know. I wanted her to fight to be there. I always root for the underdog. It was so crazy to see Lea and Natalie both just count her out of the competition. However, although I told her to stand up for herself I had no idea I created a gangster! Shoot you can't come at Natalie full force and not expect a hurricane back. You gotta be ready to back up your bark with a bite.

This week Eduardo, Robert A. and Taylor were put for a double elimination. Lea and Natalie chose to keep Taylor. I agreed with that choice. I like Taylor and I think he brings a different dynamic to the house. So I'm really glad he stayed. This should be very interesting.

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