Tanisha on Love Games Episode 3: Whatever It Takes

I thought Corey seriously lost his mind when he wasn’t playing by the rules and refused to hand Natalie her shirt during the challenge! It took every bit of my being to not pop off!

I think the girls are all a little wary on each other. It's a competition so of course there's going to be a bit of jealousy involved. They're all bad girls too so they have a lot to prove.

Matthew is such a character! I love how much he cleans. It's so funny. The fact that he got drunk and spilled his heart to Amber really shows how cute he is. I was a bit confused when he told Lea he'd get a tattoo on his face but then again all is fair when you’re fighting for love.

Corey W, Matthew, and Benz were up for elimination this week. Natalie and Lea agreed to send Matthew home but were split over Benz and Corey W. Amber ultimately decided that Corey W should go home. I think that it gets harder each week to put anyone up for elimination, especially when you've got to know the boys. So the girls decided to get rid of Corey W over Benz. Nothing personal it's a Love Game. Someone has to go.

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