Tanisha on Love Games Episode 5: Guess Whos Coming to Love Games?

I was upset when I discovered John had a girlfriend. Yes because hello this is a dating show! All contestants should be single! WTF? I don't understand. Why waste everyone’s time? Gosh. I thought he better leave before I get his ass. SMH.

VIDEO: Watch as John makes his emotional exit.

This week the Bad Girls’ moms came to visit. I thought this was a great idea! Moms are the best judges of character. I think so. Come on who knows a Bad Girl better than her own mom?

Emilio was eliminated this week. I think based on the other guys who were competing Emilio was the one Amber was least compatible with. So she had to do what she had to do. I don't know why Emilio was there. He’s a nice guy but I think he was looking for the shire and somehow ended up looking for love on Love Games.

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