Tanisha on Love Games Episode 6: Lewd, Prude & Otherwise

I have no idea why Amber was so hesitant to kiss Corey during hot tub truth or dare. Anyone with eyes can see that Corey is hotter than a summer day in the south. So I don't know what the hesitation was about.

Natalie put Bruno, Benz, and Rob up for elimination. Well obviously Natalie and Lea both have a connection with Benz and Rob, and not Bruno so they wanted him out. I was sick of Amber crying and whining. I mean I met her mother and she was a G so I didn't understand it. It sucks to see her not have a voice and always wanting to quit. And I felt it was my duty to tell her stand up and fight for what you believe in!


At the end of the day, someone had to go. Out of the three guys, Bruno wasn't connected with Natalie or Lea romantically so it only made sense for him to leave.

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