Tanisha On Season 2 Of Love Games

I find it funny that I am considered the god-mother of all Bad Girls, considering that I'm not one of the oldest Bad Girls. However I'll definitely take the title. I really am like a protective mama bear, and the girls know that I always try to keep things positive and look out for them in any way that I can. They all value my opinion and respect and look up to me all the time. It feels wonderful!

No shade at all on the last host, but come on! Obviously I'm a Bad Girl. Who knows a Bad Girl better than another Bad Girl? I just happen to be a woman and relationship expert. I was born to be the host of Love games.


I will help the Bad Girl find love because I am there to weed out the garbage that managed to slip in. At the end of the day, these are my girls and I will have their back. I'll be there to offer my advice every step of the way when needed. We Bad Girl definitely have to stick together. So I'll do all the snooping, grilling, investigating and searching that I need to do to make sure that all the guys are 100% here to fight for my girls.

Hahaha wouldn't y'all like to know which man I would choose to date? LOL...Corey. I gave a name now it's your turn to figure out which one! He's definitely my type. He has amazing teeth and a very sexy swag. Even though he’s got a little temper I still like him. His body is like whoa as well! LOL

This season on Love Games you’re going to see three girls really fight for love. The house isn't only filled with Bad Girls, but some bad boys as well! You'll be very surprised with who falls for whom. I can guarantee there won't be one dull moment. The pressure and fire is on to find out who is going to win love. Everyone is in for a very wild ride!

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