Judi on Love Games 301

Im ready to start working towards a marriage. Its time for me to settle down, bad girl style :). I have so much love to give Im looking for a guy that is honest, loyal, respectful, funny, not a push over, has a pretty smile, and he has to have goals. He has to have a future, be optimistic, and laugh at my jokes.
It was cool when I met Sydney and Kori. It was a bit weird seeing them in my face and not just on TV. I felt like it would be me against them because I was on season 7 and they were on 6.
I was immediately attracted to Matthew, Edson, and John. I was attracted to them because they have a sense of humor, theyre hood hahaha, and they each have a personality that stands out.
The sext message challenge was fun. I was just like uh oh! My sext is going to be completely different from the other girls lol! I should have won HBIC, not Kori. Anybody can cook and cleancome on now.
My date with Edson and Nick was a lot of fun. We even got to eat Koris sushi haha.
John and I were fighting in this episode. John wanted attention so I gave it to him. Then Sydney and Kori were fighting too. It was funny.

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