Judi on Love Games 304

My strategy was to act a fool in whatever way I could. I think John is on whoever's team benefits him. He def wants to win the game. I think Sydney was so attracted to John because he didn't want her and didn't give her all the attention.

I hated the heart rate HBIC challenge...it was not my thing. My strategy was to act a fool in whatever way I could.

I moved into John and Matthew's room because Sydney and Kori started teaming up on me and I didn't want to close my eyes around those girls.

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I was happy about John saying yes to go on a date with me. I'm feelin John too. Overall it was a good date but it was clear that John and Edson did not like like each other. But John is def one of my favs in the house besides Matt and Edson.

When Sydney and Kori ganged up on me, I was thinking that these bitches are dumb as hell because last week they were fighting each other and now there ganging up on me. 

I was happy when Pasquale was sent home because he started drama that didn't need to be started. I was so happy when Matthew was safe from elimination because I got to spend at least one more night with this boy.

I think Kori might be starting to get nervous about me and Sydney getting along.
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