Judi on Love Games 307

When Tanisha announced that one girl would be going home I knew it was gonna be Sydney.I was excited when Natalie Nunn showed up at the HBIC challenge. I thought we had a lot in common. Tanisha dared me to allow Natalie to kiss one of my guys. It didnt bother me when she chose Nick. Id do anything for my team to win.Sydney ran out of the room crying when John and Natalie kissed during the HBIC challenge. It wasn't surprising that she did that. When I was crowned HBIC again, I choose Nick for my one-on-one date to officially lock him in. Sydney refused to go on a date with Jonathan. She did what I thought she was gonna do.When Sydney was eliminated it was the best for her. Clearly, she was under lot of stress.After that drama was over, I still had to choose 3 guys to put up for elimination. I chose Jonathan, Nick and Joey because I didn't know for sure Jonathan was Team Judi. Even though Jonathan was eliminated, I knew we would be friends after all of this

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