Judi's looking for love because...

I have just been working since my days on Bad Girls Club. I have been hosting parties all over the country and I decided to start my own t-shirt line with my fans’ favorite quotes. I also started selling my own voodoo dolls and people are going nuts for them. I’m also working on my perfume line that’s going to be hitting the stores soon.

I choose to do Love Games because why not to try it out? They will put me in a banging crib, give me free liquor and boys. You can’t go wrong. So it was a no brainer.

I’m looking for love because I definitely feel that there is a part of me missing and Oxygen gave me the opportunity to do that. From past relationships I have learned that guys will be guys. And they well only treat you how you let them. And I don’t settle.

I’m looking for the dreads, short fades and Gucci hats. Naw just playing. But I am looking for a well-rounded guy who knows how to love me for me.

In order to date a Bad Girl you must be a party animal like I am. I like to kick it and to have fun. So if you can keep me interested and if you always bring something new to the table to keep the relationship, then I’m yours.

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