Kori on Love Games 304

Seeing her cry made me realize how serious this game is getting.The HBIC challenge was definitely one of the more intense challenges but I was not very worried because Sydney got to choose who is paired up with Judi.

It was really important for Joey and I to keep Sydney and John stable so that Syd never put Joey up for elimination. Sydney got her heart involved in the game way too early and with someone who couldnt care less about her. Sydney really needs to realize this show is Bad Girls Need Love Too not Bad Boys Need Love Too! John is playing the game and Syd needs to grab some tissues and start playing harder than he is.

As real as everyone tries to make Judi out to be, shes playing the game the hardest. I tried to make a pact with Judi but she went ahead and tried to eliminate one of my guys. She claims I tried to eliminate one of hers but we were there for one day when Nick F. went home. How can someone be your guy that fast? Sydney and I agreed to be a team and Sydney sticks to her word and has not put Joey or any of my guys up for elimination. I want to keep mine and show Im real, so I will back her up when things get rough.no matter what. Judi talks about Chicago and Waka this and Gucci that but when push comes to shove she hides behind security.

Honestly, I felt like when Judi started crying during elimination because she was worried Matthew was being sent home it was a damn good wake-up call for Judi to see how it feels to almost lose him. Maybe this will be a lesson for her down the road if she is HBIC again and she will stay away from Syd and my guys. But wait that would only happen if she were real. I bet she will take the next chance she gets to eliminate my or Sydneys guy and probably hookup with them too. I did feel bad but honestly what was she worried about with Pasquale in the room lol? But seeing her cry made me realize how serious this game is getting and that how both Sydney and Judi have their hearts deep in the game.

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