Kori on Love Games 305

When Sydney tried to apologize to Judi I was worried because I knew I needed to keep Sydney on my team. I was hoping that Sydney was just trying to take a different approach to Judi coming onto John by showering her in kindness but Syd needs to realize nothing is going to stop Judi from going after John and she needs me to stick around.

Just as the rap battle was perfect for Judi because she raps, this runway challenge is perfect for me because I am a model. My guys were great and I am clearly the only one who takes care of her body! I had a large group of unbiased judges to come and determine who the hottest Bad Girl is so anyone who tries to argue with me doesnt have much evidence to go on. Its pretty simple.

The only ex I was concerned with getting to know was Joeys ex. This gave me the opportunity to find out much more about him and I was really interested in getting to know her because she was the hottest ex there and I am the hottest Bad Girl! Meeting her reassured me that Joey is an amazing guy. Hes great looking, has a degree from a top university, funny, and behind the hairspray hes a good guy. The most interesting thing I found out though was his partying habits. Alex told me that, apart from his hair obsession, he drinks a lot and is essentially the Van Wilder at school. This was my only concern because I need a man, but I can fix that! No more partying for Joey.

When Sydney ran away while we were interviewing John and his ex, I was just like here we go again with her dramatic outbursts. This is JOHNS EX not his current girlfriend. Everyone has baggage and this is simply an opportunity to see if John is a legit candidate for love, not a cage fight. If Sydney would take the time to actually get to know this girl she might actually find out some useful information about John. Instead she acted like this girl was going to steal John from her, and acting like that is what pushes John away.

Robby had been acting sketchy the past few dates and days. He was hooking up with Sydney and flirting with Judi. I could tell he was no longer team Kori and my boys told me they felt the same way about his new alliance. Jonathan is still an open book and he is definitely not team Sydney so its much less of a battle than trying to pull Robby away from two girls.

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