Kori on Love Games 307

     When Tanisha announced that one girl would be going home I was initially shocked but was comforted by the strength of my team. I had Joey, Nick, Edson, and Freaky 100% on my team before they would be on Sydneys. Judi’s team running strong just like mine.
     When Natalie walked into the room it was more that obvious she was there to shake up the house. I was there for Joey, Sydney was there for John, and Judi was there for Matt but there were still 3 other guys who needed a level playing field. Natalie was there to test our strength and make room for the floaters. Joey and I have already fully established we are here for each other till the end. We have already found the “Love” aspect of this house, but whether we like it or not “Games” is still a major factor of this show. Joey and I agreed we were here to win because we saw how boring and lame it is to watch someone just wave the white flag (Sydney). We have faith in each other and as much as it sucked to watch him kiss her, we are in it to win it, and we would do anything for that.
     Judi chose Nick for his date so I knew she was trying to win him over but we are all in the same vicinity as each other so in reality we are all on the date together. To be honest I think Nick found his bromance with Joey early on in the show so at this point I think Nick would do whatever is best for Joey and saving me is just that.
     When we walked back into the room and found out Sydney was eliminated I was more sad that shocked. What really shocked me was when Joey told Sydney that he was one of the ones who voted her off and not Judi. Obviously, Joey voting off Judi would’ve benefitted us strategically but Joey told Sydney that he did it because he cared so much about her. Seeing that he put his heart before the game made me realize how great of a guy he really is.
      When Freaky was eliminated I was kind of confused because he was definitely there for Judi over me. Freaky was a great guy and I think he felt his mission was accomplished by making sure Sydney was eliminated before he left the house.

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