Kori's looking for love because...

I decided to be on Love Games because I’m tired of going back to my exes all the time to satisfy my needs. It’s time to end this chapter of my life and begin a more serious relationship with someone new.

I’m looking for love because I’m tired of being hurt and I need a real man in my life instead of a boy. LOVE is a strong word and I’m tired of these losers I find throwing it around like it’s nothing. I want a man who is going to LOVE ME for ME! I’m looking for love for all the right reasons.

From my past relationships I’ve learned that it’s very easy to get hurt. You always treat your significant other the way you want to be treated, and that is with RESPECT! I have been treated like sh*t in my past relationships and I’m tired of it!

I’m looking for someone who is willing to take care of me in an emotional and financial fashion. I’m looking for a guy who is outgoing, funny, cute and who has a great personality and who is not a B*TCH! I need a guy who is going to step up to the plate and tame this BAD GIRL!

It takes balls to date a Bad Girl! It takes someone who can put up with me because I’m a bad b*tch! It takes someone who is confident in themselves and in bed. ;) It takes some hard work and effort so hopefully these guys know what they’re getting into, especially when it comes to dating a Bad Girl!

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