Sydney on Love Games 302

I was upset at John and Matthew because in the south as these boys know when dinner is ready you come eat. There ain't no hurry up and wait type sh*t. Either you come on with it, or you miss out. But the fact of the matter was I cooked a dinner for them and everyone else ate except for John. And Mathew came along after a while.

I wasn't upset with Pasquale for telling me about the kiss between Judi and John. But I was annoyed because I was tired of hearing John this John that blah blah. I lost it because Pasquale started coming at Judi all wrong. You never ever treat a woman like they're a bum. You always treat them with respect even when they are right or wrong. But, he yelled and pushed her back down and became very forceful.

At first I was more upset with Judi for stepping on my toes but then I realized I wasn't mad at Judi or Pasquale. In fact, I was mad at John and I got caught up in a whirl wind of emotions.

I was irritated and annoyed on the Kama Sutra date with John. Although after the altercation he adamantly tried to clear it up, when I'm mad...I suggest you leave me the fu*k alone. The rap challenge battle is not my bag baby but I'll work it ;)! I did like my team -- besides "hit-it" Jordano! Because, he didn't really contribute sh*t but he's supposed to be this huge music artist o_O. I was happy for Judi when she was announced as the winner. I never have been a sore loser. She takes her music very seriously so I do props to her!

About Michael and Chris being alone together in the bathroom I think the episode speaks for itself. To each his own! But not in the Love Games house man!!!!
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