Cami Goes HAMi (LG, Ep. 403)

By Camilla LG4

I've danced my whole life so I wasn’t nervous at all for the HBIC challenge. I knew I had it in the bag. This challenge was going to be easy. I picked Andre because he said he knew how to dance, Danny because he is from the bay area and they know how to dance and also Casey looks like he could bust a move. Travis I just felt sorry for and selected him to be on my team.

I know all about routines and formations and being on cue from being on the drill team when I was younger. My strategy was to have a fire routine from beginning to end. I wanted to teach something simple but with technique. I wanted my team to really rock it. I wanted to get input from my team because I hate losing and I wanted something we could all learn. Dancing for me is very easy but for some, I noticed, it's not. We were called the Heavy Hitters and we came to hit hard!!!

Travis annoyed me the most because he has no rhythm at all. Like how does that happen?? Either way, I didn't have the patience for him that day. He is always so hyper and over the top.

Dani’s routine was weak and boring. The guys did way better than she did. Amy's team looked like a bunch of birds and really didn't have an actual dance. They rapped, so I was confused during the whole performance. I thought it was a battle of stepping not rapping.

I felt like someone had to tell Amy to call us out in her cheer because she knows she already got that butt whooped not only once but twice on national TV. She tried to say I’m a wannabe Natalie but doesn’t know I run L.A. But Natalie is doing her thing so I just laughed it off.

I should've known it was going to be Travis to mess up the routine for all of us. But since I was team leader, I have to take the blame, and I do, but Travis knew better. Actually, I should have known better than to pick him.

I do not think Amy deserved to be HBIC because she never even had a real routine. It looked like they spent more time on the outfits than actually preparing a routine.

At the strip club date, I think I mastered the art of the lap dancing. I love to please my man and if it takes bringing the strip club home, I'm down. The woman taught us how to give lap dances and slide down the pole (something I already knew how to do!) But it was a lot of fun.

To be honest I wasn't feeling either Jamin or Josh, but I pretended to because I needed them on my team. I wouldn't date Jamin or Josh in real life. It's nothing against them, they just aren't my type at all.

When Devin was put up for elimination I was mad as hell. I wasn’t shocked though, because he was clearly on my team and Amy wanted to get him out the house. When Amy saved Tyrone I was upset because I know Tyrone is really just playing Amy. By Amy saving Tyrone I don't really know what to think. I'm just watching the scene.

I choose to send Devin home because Dani and I made a pact that would we work together in this elimination. This was by far the hardest elimination.

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