Camilla Doesnt Cry (LG, Ep. 406)

By Camilla LG4

At this point, I have no strategy. I'm just playing the game and rolling with the punches. I'm trying to make every guy feel the same.

I’m a better competitor than the other girls because I think I put my emotions aside better than Amy and Dani do. I'm here to compete, not to make friends

When the exes came, I was actually excited. I wanted to see what type of girls the guys are used to dating. It was not intimidating for me to see these ladies; I think I intimidated the girls. My make out session with Andre was to win the game but he can kiss! I know Andre loves to win and so do I.

It feels great to be HBIC because these girls were letting it get to their heads especially cry baby Dani.

I chose Tyrone because I hadn’t gone on a date with him and he seems really fun. I picked Shane for Dani because it’s obvious she doesn't care to get to know anyone else so why not give her the guy she doesn't let breathe.

When Joey didn’t throw the challenge for me, he proved to me that I can't trust him. But in the end I will still use him as well because he knows how to play the game.

The interviews were useful because we got up close and personal with the exes and the guys at the same time. What surprised me the most is Taylor and his ex. Seems to me they’re still in love and he still has his belongings at her house.

I took Joey as my second date because I wanted to see where his loyalty was. He keeps telling me one thing and doing another, so I know I have to get in his butt.

Believe it or not I'm starting to like Tyrone. He can be a little over the top but that stems from his confidence. Overall he was very attentive and funny. Joey is a great catch too. He brought me flowers and I think he understands I'm not the one to play with.

I chose Shane to go up for elimination because he needs to go if he's only here for Dani. Joey needs to learn a lesson and know that he either is here for me or Amy. I was really just scaring Andre because I had to make a power move and I wanted to play a game and see who was really down for me so I needed some excitement in the house.

Andre didn't trust me clearly because he jumped the gun and bashed me without thinking of me plotting and strategizing to win. When he said what he said, in my head I was so upset but at the end of the day I know he wants me too.

I chose to save Joey because he's the smartest out of the whole group. Jamin is here for the wrong reasons and is just a character most of the time.

Of course I wanted Jamin to get eliminated and my plan worked. I wanted Andre to be saved so I was happy.

I would say Tyrone and Brandon are definitely on my team. I’m still a little skeptical of Joey but I’ll use him until I can't anymore.

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