Camilla is Competitive (LG, Ep. 404)

By Camilla LG4

When I heard about the challenge, I thought that is was going to be a very cold, but at the same time, it will be exciting to see who will help me melt my heart. I was going for large guys on my team because I figured they had what it takes to melt the ice easily and get the heart pendant. My a*s was freezing on this challenge! Joey decided we should use our bodies as saws to try and melt the ice, so I tried to use my butt but it didn’t work. LOL.

Of course I'm going to say Amy shouldn't have won HBIC, but she did, and I kept it moving because at the end of the day it's a game, and someone’s got to win. I wasn't too happy about the date Amy chose for me, but I know how to play the game so I would never let Amy know how I truly feel. I ended up taking Travis for my second date because it seems like he's always down to have a fun time.

I teamed up with Dani to get Amy out of the house because feel like Amy is my biggest competition. Dani is a weak link and always crying over Shane like a little kid. She acts like a psycho chick that's going crazy over a guy who's she's not even dating or married to. It's kind of strange.

On my date, Travis made it fun and Dre showed me so much attention. Dre is so handsome. We were able to communicate with each other on a different level. Travis tried to kiss me! I like Travis and I can use him until the end of this game. Do I like like him? No. But I won’t let him know that.

It was typical of Amy to choose our guys (Josh, Travis, and Taylor) to put up for elimination. The thing about Amy is she's very secretive, and that's a smart way to play. These guys in particular I really didn’t care about so in the end, it really didn’t matter too much who went home.

I think at the end of the day I can get Taylor to switch sides and be a pawn for me. I thought maybe I could use him and have him tell me what is going on in the house.

I was shocked Amy gave the power to me but hey, I’m probably the only one that would have made a smart decision because Dani is living in Shane's butt crack. Travis had to go because he had no emotion in the elimination. He was so weird too. Although we had fun with him, he was useless in the competition.

I don’t think Josh was being sincere, but it sounded great. I'm just finding out about Josh and it seems to me he's been playing both sides. But he can do that because I'm using him too. It will eventually blow up in his face.

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