Camilla Plays The Game (LG, Ep. 1)

By Camilla LG4

It's cool to be with only two other Bad Girls in a house. I'm very excited to be a part of the cast. I’m the first replacement to become a cast mate of Love Games and I’m ready to compete against these girls.

My first impression walking into the house was “where are the rest of the hot guys?” They all looked nice in their own way but Devin stood out by far- his complexion and body. He knows how to hold an intellectual conversation. Travis was weird and Josh wasn't my type at all.

When I found out the other girls were Amy and Dani, I figured it will be easy to win because if it goes by looks, I win by a mile. Amy is a fun, drunk blonde and Dani is a conceited sh*t talker.

My strategy in this game is to lie to get what I want... hey there's nothing wrong with a white lie.

I was excited to see Joey and Taylor because they both know how to play the game. I can use some help so I thought that this was perfect. The other guys were immediately intimidated when they walked out.

The first challenge judging the guys’ bodies was great! The best part was being able to touch their bodies. And it felt great winning.

My strategy for choosing dates for the other girls was to get them dates that they wouldn't like. Amy and Dani were so annoyed with me after selecting the dates.

I chose Joey to be my second date because he has played this game before and I could get him to be on my team.

I really enjoyed my first date. Devin and Joey were fun and playful. I don’t know about the other girls’ dates but mine was fun.

Javier was being very honest when he said he liked Amy, but in this game that isn't a smart move.

I think it was smart of Joey to play eye spy for me. He is experienced in this game so I'm going to let him help me.

Javier went up for elimination because he is clearly not on my team. Danny just really needs a wakeup call so he was put up for elimination. Tyrone is also a person I can get on my team, so I wanted to scare him a little bit- to know that if you play this game with me than I don’t want to see you on other girls.

I didn't really care that Amy and Dani were plotting against me. It’s expected from two girls who want me gone.

The first elimination was intense. Amy was crying, Dani was arguing with Javier about a curse word. I was just sitting back enjoying the show. It was funny for me because I was not a part of it.

When I opened the envelope and saw I had the power to eliminate a second guy, I was shocked that I had so much power so soon. I was overwhelmed because I didn’t expect it.

This season, I am most looking forward to fun, love, and games. I'm so excited to be a part of this cast. I was a replacement from Bad Girls Club Las Vegas and made it on Love Games… I'm expecting a wonderful ride.

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