Dani Doesnt Dance (LG, Ep. 403)

By Dani LG4

Once a hoe, always a hoe. Amy went from being engaged to sleeping in every guy’s bed, so why wouldn't she try and go for Shane? I mean, she is playing the game but at the end of the day what it comes down to is the fact that Shane was putting on a front for Amy when we all knew that he was really feeling me!

I have never stepped dance before and I HATED this week’s HBIC challenge. I’m really good at asking people questions and being myself but I am not into performing, let alone step dancing. It was a million degrees in that warehouse and the boys really thought they were joining beta-kappa-dola-gamma-whatever and were taking it way too seriously.

I knew the black guys would have the most swag; I wanted to show Amy that Shane was still my guy, and picked Joey because I have barely showed him attention and I wanted him to know I acknowledge him. I should have picked Taylor though. I had no strategy for putting together the dance, and the guys barely let me let me put in my input. I went with the flow, and prayed I barely had to do anything.

As for the other girls’ routines, I thought Amy’s was a joke, and Camilla’s was loud and hit hard. I thought Camilla was going to win HBIC again. Amy calling me out in her routine was typical. It made me wish I had gone a different route with my cheer. Sure Amy dissed me and Camilla, but this was a STEP competition and she barely stepped! I swear she only won because she had veteran Taylor on her team.

I picked Shane and Taylor to come on a date with me because I was sick of them fighting and I really wanted them to squash the beef. Plus it was kind of funny seeing Shane squirm when Taylor was flirting with me.

Amy and Camilla seemed right at home at the strip club. On this date I was most defiantly feeling Taylor more and surprisingly he was a really good kisser.

I wasn't surprised that Amy put Tyrone and Devin up for elimination, but how do you sleep in bed with a man and then put him up for elimination? That’s some hoe sh*t. I didn’t get why Amy saved Tyrone because she barely spent any time with him. This elimination showed she could not be trusted.

I couldn’t believe Camilla had my back and let her main dude go and saved mine. She showed heart and trust, and I will for sure pay her back when the time comes.

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