Dani Doesnt Trust Anyone (LG, Ep. 404)

By Dani LG4

My strategy to get more guys on my team is to just be real... at this point everyone knows who I’m feeling so it’s either you wanna be on my good graces and I’ll save you when the time comes, or get out of my way and hope I’m not HBIC and send you home.

This week’s HBIC challenge was interesting.... it was actually hot as hell out but cold by the water so I had no idea how long melting the ice would take.

When Shane said our strategy should be “blow, lick, and rub” I thought his mind was stuck in the gutter but by all means I was willing to try it!

I kinda just wanted this challenge to be over with as quickly as possible. If the guys couldn’t melt a damn piece of ice, what could they really do for me?

Both Casey and Brandon were clearly not on my team and I clearly was not into either one of them so this date was just another time for me to have another glass of champagne.

I don’t trust any man, so seeing Amy (who has literally thrown herself on every man in the house) with Shane just reassures me both of them cannot be trusted.

Amy is easily confused. If she saw me and Camilla going on dates with guys she thought were on her team (for example, Casey), she’s going to start wondering what Casey’s, and her other "team players," intentions are. *Stir The Pot*

The pool party date started off great... then it all became a blur after the frozen tequila daiquiris and anyone that knows me knows I get low key ratchet and loud mouthed when I drink.

When I saw Amy and Shane getting a massage together, at the time I was pissed. I gave Shane several warnings. If he messes with any other girl in the house he would have problems with me. I understand he’s trying to "play the game" and pretend he likes her but really a private massage? Pukey.

I got emotional on the date because I've been through a lot with my past relationships, especially with abuse, which has caused me to have major trust issues. So seeing Shane act a certain way with Amy makes me wonder if I can even trust anyone in this house. Brandon has always been nice to me and has always tried to help me out so I definitely was not surprised he had my back when I was crying hysterically in 110 degree heat, holding a glass of tequila at the pool party lol.

Look at me and look at Amy. Shane shouldn’t have a connection with Amy so I think he really is just playing the game and pissing me off oh so well while doing it.

My dad has always told me I base too much on looks, so being in the Love Games house I really tried to focus on personality, and Shane reminds me of my twin sister Gabi and my best girl Awilda... we argue and then were laughing at each other’s jokes. He was pretty much what was keeping me sane during this entire competition.

I feel like Amy and Camilla will always choose to put up my guys for elimination. Taylor is still one of my strongest team players; no way I was sending him home yet.

Travis wore more eyeliner then all of us, drank way more than hung out with us, and told the guys they were looking cute more than the girls. Who knows what team Travis was really routing for, so no I’m not surprised Camilla sent Travis home.

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