Definitely Team Dani (LG, Ep. 406)

By Dani LG4

I think strategy in this game went out the window once my emotions stepped in.

The other girls are playing with their mouths and their bodies, I actually play with my heart. At the end of this, even if I lose, I know my parents can watch without being disgusted by my actions.

I thought this week’s HBIC challenge with the guys’ ex-girlfriends was interesting but not intimidating. Some of them were, weird....

Shane’s ex was decent. She had a nice set of boobies but it goes to show he likes blonde haired girls... and I’m black lol.

I hated Taylor’s guts at that very moment (when he walked away from the kissing challenge.) I would have pushed his a*s in the pool if he hadn’t been wearing his battery pack.

I felt like Camilla played it off like choosing Shane for my date was for good intentions, but it’s a game and she probably knew putting Shane on a date with me would mean I have less time to spend with anyone else.

When we were interviewing the couples I yawned during a few and was mostly bored.

I chose Andre for my second date because he stated in our therapy session that he hasn’t gotten enough time with me so I thought I’d be a perfect opportunity to give him some quality time.

Catalina Island was beautiful and a lot of fun. I always like spending time with Shane and Dre makes me laugh and is a real good guy.

I can understand why Camilla put up Shane for elimination, but Joey and Andre when they have been supporting you the entire time? It made no sense and it was kind of an odd time to be burning any bridges.

Camilla saving Joey and replacing him with Jamin actually made the decision to eliminate someone easier.

I felt like after my date with Andre and knowing he couldn’t stand Camilla anymore it was a perfect save to make him officially Team Dani.

After this elimination, Shane, Dre, and Taylor are definitely Team Dani.

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