Dont Disrespect Dani (Love Games, Ep. 1)

By Dani LG4

I am glad it’s only two other Bad Girls as opposed to 8 crazy b*tches competing for love. Whether we are competing for love or not, at the end of the day competition is competition and I always try to win, let’s hope I do!

When I first walked into the house, I wasn't blown away by any of the guys. My dad calls me shallow hal because I base so much on looks and sexual tension. I thought Love Games would be a good opportunity for me to start respecting brains over looks aka the guys’ personalities lol.

I liked Shane because he was the first guy to pull me aside and not come off extremely aggressive. I also am a sucker for blue eyes :)

I hadn't lived with Camilla during BGC8 because she replaced me, so I was kind of curious as to how we would get along. As for Amy, I hadn't seen her since the reunion and I had a lot of unresolved feelings towards her for her participation in my jumping and the fact she had been totally fake just to fit in with the wild banshees.

I like to go with the flow but I knew for sure that one of my strategies would not to be a flirty skank like the two other girls. You shouldn't have to win a man's attention with your tongue halfway down his throat… gross.

I thought Joey was funny on his season and I was happy to see Taylor... he seems like a male version of me, someone everyone hates and we embrace it lol. I think the other guys were definitely pissed and maybe threatened because they thought Joey and Taylor had an advantage by having already played the game.

The first HBIC challenge was definitely interesting. It was crazy what these guys actually thought their best body part was. Let’s just say 90% of them had a lot of confidence in themselves.

I barely got to speak to Danny during the day, and during the challenge, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know him/ get him on my team.

I could care less if Camilla and Danny had kissed outside of my date with him, but when I ask YOU to go on a date with ME, that date is with ME, it’s about respecting me, and he did not do that when he kissed Camilla.

The first elimination had so much tension- I didn't think it'd be like this the first week. But Javier crossed one too many lines speaking to me like someone he’s about to go into a boxing ring with, I'm not that b*tch.

Although Danny messed up on our date, he was so scared about going home that I knew he was on #TeamDani and he was worth saving... for now.

As for breaking my pact with Amy and deciding to eliminate Javier, he brought that on himself. If roles had been reversed and Danny disrespected Amy, I would have agreed to send him home as well. Javier needed to take his 7 foot a*s back to Miami to drink Ensures by the beach but not at our pool. Cya b*tch.

I knew with the extra power the BIC got, like Camilla’s power to eliminate another guy, that every week was going to get more and more intense.

I am most looking forward to everyone being able to see which girls are really trying to build a relationship and who is just really here to win the game. I think this will be a good season to show me in a different light than just one of bullying twins from Season 8… although if Gabi had been on Love Games sh*t would have gotten weird lol.

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