Last Girls Standing (Camilla, LG, Ep. 408)

By Camilla LG4

At this point I'm playing the game and going with the flow, and of course I want to make everyone feel special, but it’s hard when there is no real attraction with any other guys and Joey has back-stabbed me too many times already.

I was nervous that I would be the first girl eliminated because this is a game and I really don't know who likes me (except for Tyrone.) All the guys just seem to want to win and they really don't care who they win with.

When Gabi, Elease, and Erica walked up I was in shock- but at the same time I was happy because the last time I saw Elease she was eating the floor after I gave her a taste of her own medicine. Erica was a non-factor and Gabi is cool so I really wasn't worried about them, but I was like “why are they here?” That was the real question.

I really didn't want to French kiss Elease’s feet, but my team was down for me thus far so I figured I owed them a win. I put my pride on the side and kissed her feet. I mean she does wear nice shoes so I thought hopefully they smell like Gucci.

I couldn't handle the sundae at all. I don't eat sardines, blue cheese, or raw bacon. It was gross.

I wasn't mad that Elease and Andre had to break my sunglasses. I could buy another pair of glasses. Andre knows we are in this to win it so at the end of the day he will do just about anything to win.

Honestly I wanted to win, so of course I wanted Tyrone to get the tattoo. I'm just glad I didn't have to get one, although I lied to him and said I would get one. I only feel bad because he's scared to tell his mom. Oooops.

Amy didn't deserve to win HBIC... I know my Valentine’s Day panties were cuter than those ugly wanna-be panties.

I chose Tyrone for my date because he has proved more than once that he is here for me and I wanted to return the favor. I felt a little bad that he has to live with a tattoo for the rest of his life. The date was nice and we were able to talk about a lot of things.

My strategy for this elimination was “be honest and go out with a bang.” But I was a little nervous.

It was nerve wracking waiting for the guys to decide which girl to send home because we always had the power to eliminate a guy, and this was the other way around so I felt like they were going to try and pay us back.

I wasn't that surprised that Dani was eliminated because she was all up under Shane and didn't give anyone else a chance. I'm not going to miss Dani because she always thought she could run people and her time has come.

I saved Tyrone because it was clear to see he is my ride or die in this game.

I eliminated Taylor because he has unfinished business (with his girl back home) and since Dani left he needed to go too. Shane is a player and I don't mind playing the game with him.

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