Love Games 402 Recap: Sex, Lies and Condiments

Remember back in the day when you had a crush on a boy and you’d take a flower and pull of the petals one by one as you declared, “he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not” yada yada yada, until you had zero petals left and then you’d be all, “screw this! He should be buying me flowers if he loves me! Next!

Well, I imagine this is how Dani and Amy feel as they wait for HBIC Camilla to decide if she is going to send ANOTHER guy home! After all, Javier just said goodbye to his beloved blonde boo Amy. Will Camilla decide to increase her odds and send Danny or Tyrone home? Will these men love Camilla, Amy, and Dani NOT? Well, in this case, Camilla decides to be nice and saves both of them. What a saint!

Everyone leaves the elimination chamber and celebrates by playing Truth or Dare. Camilla is flattered because Devin sticks his finger his Jamin’s mouth to prevent him from kissing her. Ah, sweet!

Meanwhile, wacky haired Joey continues his sh*t stirring ways when he overhears Mo talk to his friend on the phone. Mo is all, “these girls are busted, and I could do SOOOO much better.” Joey takes this nugget and conspires with Tay Tay to get Mo to leave the house.

Elsewhere in the house, Casey Cartel teaches Amy some self-defense techniques that he brags are backed by science and that will maintain her “feminism.” Oh boy. I think he met femininity but the men of Love Games have never been known for their vocabulary, so I will let this one pass.

Joey and Taylor continue to plant the seed that Mo is up to no good little by little. But Mo suspects something is up.

Now it’s time for the second HBIC challenge which takes place at the Roxbury Nightclub. Okay anyone else want to sing “What is Love” with me? Oh baby don’t hurt me. No? Anyway, during this challenge, called “Bad Girls Know Best,” the ladies will go on 2 minute speed dates with each guy, and their chemistry will be judged by none other than Season 3 winners Judi and Matthew. Color me shocked that they are still together! Each guy will have a shot of “Judi juice” (should they be scared?) and they will have to pour it into the glass of the girl who Judi and Matt think they have the most aforementioned chemistry with. The girl with the most shots wins! Got it? Good, let’s start!

What do we learn on the dates? Well, Brandon massages Camilla’s feet, Tyrone boasts that he is NOT a player, and Devin has been part of the mile high club twice! Klassy! After all the dates, the men pour their shots wherever Matthew and Judi decide. Dani is declared the winner. She chooses Shane for her date, Taylor for Amy, and Andre for Camilla.

Meanwhile, the pot starts getting stirred and backs are preparing to be stabbed. Mo talks to Camilla alone about Dani—he thinks she’s kind of a b*tch. Back in the house, Taylor starts talking crap about Mo, but it ends up backfiring when Shane attacks him for being a whiny baby. The fight looks straight out of a bad ‘80s movie.

After the dust settles, Tanisha tells the girls about their date. It will be in the house with a sex therapist. Of course it is. Dani goes to the Style Suite and gets an immunity bracelet to hand out to a guy for the next round. Wow, what a game changer!

The girls all pick out their second dates: Brannue for Amy, Mo for Camilla, and Tyrone for Dani. They go to the great room where a very pretty sex therapist named Dr. Karen Stewart is waiting for them (I Googled her, she IS a real doctor!). I admit I am very disturbed as I watch Mo and Andre eat whipped cream off of Camilla’s toes. That’s an image I can’t erase from my memory!

Before we know it, it’s time for Dani to pick the guys for elimination. She chooses Mo and Casey Cartel, then tricks us into thinking she’s putting Tay Tay up for elimination… but nope, she’s just giving him the immunity bracelet. She selects Devin as her final choice.

Elimination time. The men all plead their cases. It’s always the same, “I want to get to know you better”, “we have a connection”, blah blah blah. Amy and Camilla agree to save Casey first. Camilla tears up as she has to decide who should go home… Devin or Mo. In the end she picks Devin to stay. Goodbye overgrown frat boy Mo!

So there we have it. One more man down!

Till next week—

Liz Out Loud

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