Love Games 403 Recap: Step Up and Strip Down

Thanksgiving is this week. Yeehaw! I am so thankful that I will get to eat turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes-- everything except for cranberry sauce out of a can. That is a substance I can do without! I am also thankful, for once in my life, to be single. Honestly, after this week’s episode of Love Games, all I can think is, love is hard!

After Mo was eliminated last week, everyone got ready for bed. Apparently Amy spent the night with Shane, who has been Team Dani. Uh oh spaghetti-os! In this week’s episode we begin with the aftermath of this decision. Taylor decides to stir the pot (him? NEVER!) and fudges the story. He tells the other guys that he heard moaning and groaning. Dani is furious. Amy and Shane deny anything happened, just a couple of kisses here and a little cuddling there. Time to move on to the next HBIC Challenge!

Tanisha brings the group to what looks like a warehouse where they learn they will have to pick teams and choreograph a step routine. Oh this is going to be fun. The performances will be judged by Lil’ C, a pioneer of krumping as well as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. Travis is nervous because he is a terrible dancer even though he took a dance class in college. Hey, I’m just impressed he went to college!

The girls pick their teams. Dani’s group, who they call “Swag Nation,” consists of Tyrone, Devin, Shane, and Joey. Camilla’s team, nick-named the “Heavy Hitters,” features Andre, Casey, Dani, and Travis. Last but not least is Amy’s team “Mockingbirds” (what, does she like lullabies???), with Jamin, Brandon, Josh, and Taylor. The teams split up to practice.

Camilla runs her team like a drill sergeant. Travis nearly pees his pants every time Camilla yells at him, which is pretty much all the time. Amy maintains a more positive attitude and rallies her group. Dani is content to let Tyrone take the lead on choreographing. She just watches on the sidelines as he teaches his teammates the routine.

Finally it is time for the performances. Dani’s team goes first. It is straight out of a 1980s pep rally, except I don’t think Dani would have made the cheerleading squad. Camilla’s group goes next. They hide Travis in the back but he still manages to mess it up. Amy’s team goes last, and they throw some major shade on the other teams, which angers Dani (what a surprise). Ultimately Lil’ C chooses Amy and the Mockingbirds as the winners. I feel bad for Travis, you know Camilla blames him for their loss.

Amy is ecstatic to be the HBIC. She picks dates for everyone: Andre for herself, Jamin for Camilla, and Taylor for Dani. Amy goes to the Style Suite and receives stripper heels as her HBIC gift and an envelope which she cannot open until elimination. The ladies all pick their second dates: Joey for Amy, Josh for Camilla, and Shane for Dani. Oh this will be fun. Shane and Taylor hate each other!

Date time! And guess where they go… a strip club. Of course. The girls receive lap dance lessons from a very nice instructor who looks more like an elementary school teacher. They each get to practice on one of their dates. Andre, Taylor, and Josh are the lucky guys. Andre observes that Amy is quite the natural. Perhaps she has prior experience on the pole?

After the lap dances, the girls break into groups with their guys. Josh performs card tricks for Camilla, which is quite different from the usual tricks you see at a strip club. Jamin decides to show off his special skills so he grinds on her.

Meanwhile, tension is simmering between Taylor and Shane. Taylor interrupts Shane’s one on one time with Dani and proceeds to kiss her. It is perhaps the un-sexiest smooch I have ever seen.

We then go to Amy’s dates. She is alone with Joey and they start making out while Andre is at the bar. He explains his philosophy: he doesn’t chase women, he chases money. If he chases money, women chase him. So he ain’t gonna go break up that Amy/Joey summit.

Back at the house, Amy starts thinking about the guys she wants to put up for elimination. She picks Tyrone first. Boooo. He is super fun and keeps the mood light. She next chooses Shane since he is clearly Team Dani. Andre grows concerned that he might be gone next since he basically ignored Amy on their date. He approaches her to beg for mercy, saying that he has “feelings” for her. She agrees, so he’s safe. She still has one guy left to choose, so she picks Devin from Team Camilla.

At elimination, Dani and Camilla yell at Amy for putting their men on the chopping block. Uh, that’s the point of the game. I am pretty sure you’d do the same thing. The men plead their cases; it’s the same as always: I have feelings for you; I want to get to know you better, blah blah blah. Camilla says she wants to save Devin, and Camilla agrees. They ultimately decide to send Tyrone home.

But wait! Amy opens up her special envelope and reveals her HBIC super power: she can save any one of the guys, including Tyrone. She indeed does decide to save Tyrone, and now Dani and Camilla have to choose ANOTHER guy to send home! Who will it be???

Dani and Camilla cry like their pet dog died. Dani wants to save Shane and send Devin home. Shockingly Camilla agrees. So it’s sayonara Mr. Touchdown! Devin’s game is done. But not before Camilla mounts him and plants a wet one on him.

Oh well—till next time!

Liz Out Loud

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