Love Games 404 Recap: Hollywood Heartbreak

Another week, another man down. And an ex-football player no less! I would have kept Devin, I hear NFL pensions are good!

The remaining men are scared to go home so they all clamor for attention from the three girls. Tyrone says he’s Team Cami because he feels like he can “climb that tree.” Of course! Josh the magician pulls Amy aside and treats their time alone like a job interview. He says he’s essentially going to be a double agent and pretend to be Team Cami. Oh you sneak!

Now it’s time for the HBIC challenge. This time it’s at the beach! There are three huge blocks of ice, each with a heart necklace frozen in the middle. Each girl will pick teams, and the first team to get their necklace wins. Camilla chooses Brandon, Casey, and Joey for her group. Amy selects Tyrone, Jamin, and Danny. Finally, Dani picks Shane, Andre, and Taylor. Josh and Travis sit this one out.

The challenge begins and I see images that I hoped never to see on my TV screen. Reverse cowboy, men riding men, licking, rubbing, and all sorts of fun activities to get that damn necklace. With their valiant efforts, Amy’s team wins. She picks dates for the girls: Danny for herself, Andre for Camilla, and Brandon for Dani. Everyone is happy with their dates.

While they’re hanging out, Amy and Shane talk strategy. He admits he’s not into Amy in a romantic way, but in “we can win this game” way. You know Dani’s head would explode if she heard that! Meanwhile, Dani and Camilla plot to take Amy down. We’ll see how long this alliance lasts.

More guys approach the girls to save their own a*ses. Tay Tay tries talking to Amy but she doesn’t buy it. Camilla is suspicious of Josh the magician because his possible love for her could be an illusion. Zing!

Tanisha announces to the girls that their date is by the pool. Hey, gas is expensive. She takes Amy to the Style Suite where she picks out an outfit and receives a b*tchin’ pair of sunglasses. Amy also is given an envelope with a special HBIC power that she can’t open until elimination.

The girls all pick their second dates: Dani asks Casey out, Amy invites Shane, and Camilla chooses Travis. Dani tries to act all nonchalant about Amy and Shane but home girl is secretly frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog.

At the pool, everyone acts chill and seems to be having a good time. Amy and Shane get massages at tables set up three feet from each other. Nothing happens between them, but once Dani catches wind of it she flips out like someone just murdered her pet cat. She swears at Shane, calling him a b*tch. Hmmmm, you’re not really giving him much of an incentive to stay on your team, Dani!

Eventually Dani breaks down and cries in the arms of Brandon. Meanwhile, Camilla and Travis are getting a bit naughty as he eats cheesecake off her boobs. I will never eat cheesecake again.

The date ends, and the girls and guys return to the masses. Dani tells every guy they should be Team Dani or else. She then warns Shane not to embarrass her on national TV again. Sweetheart, you don’t need Shane to embarrass you, you’re doing just fine yourself. Shane pulls Dani aside and assures her he is on her team but that she needs to let him go if they are going to win the game. Ah, true love!

Now HBIC Amy has to pick guys for elimination: Josh, Travis, and Taylor. She confronts Shane: she had overheard the entire conversation between him and Dani. He confesses that he only did that because Dani is a bit of a drama queen and he needed to calm her down. Even though this is a game of questionable honesty I believe him because I have seen Dani in heat and it ain’t pretty.

At elimination, the men plead their cases. Taylor says he’s not here for fame, Travis breaks out notes, and Josh CRIES because he kind of, maybe loves Camilla. Oh Jesus.

Dani and Camilla agree to save Taylor. Amy takes this moment to open up her envelope to reveal her secret HBIC power: As HBIC, she can transfer power over to Dani or Camilla so they can send home whomever they want. Amy indeed passes on the power to Camilla, who decides to send Travis packing, even though he licked food off her chest. Maybe she is still not over what a terrible step dancer he is?

Josh and Taylor join the other guys. No one is happy to see crocodile tears Josh still in the game. Does he now have a target on his back?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud

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