Love Games 405 Recap: Up in the Fight Club

It is a sad week in the Love Games House because with Travis gone, the girls have to buy their own eyeliner. Sad indeed. But there is no time to mourn, it is time for the next HBIC challenge. Tanisha gathers everyone together and explains the game. Basically, the producers have pulled clips from the guys’ casting videos, distorted their voices and faces, and now the girls have to guess which guy said what. Each right answer gets a point. The girl with the most point wins. Yeah!

As you can imagine, the men uttered a great many gems in their interviews. One guy is a chubby chaser (Tyrone), one thinks smokers are trashy (Taylor), and yet another has to get laid every week (Andre). Classy! In the end, Dani gets the most right and she is chosen as the HBIC. Woohoo! She chooses Joey to be her date, Brandon for Camilla, and Shane for Amy. Oh that is a smart decision. Not! Josh is so sad about not getting invited that he approaches the girls about being their second date.

Elsewhere in the house, Danny calls a female “friend.” Jamin overhears the conversation, and he runs off to Joey, professional sh*tstirrer, and tells him that Danny has a girlfriend. Joey is so thrilled with this news, it’s like it’s Christmas!

Meanwhile, Dani heads over to the Style Suite where she picks out a tiny dress, a giant handbag, AND a special power. This week she has the ability to send TWO guys home, and she can put five up for elimination. That’s half the house!

Now the girls all pick their second dates. Amy chooses, Andre; Dani asks Danny (how cute!); and Camilla invites Josh. Dani gathers all the guys around her and tells them what’s up. They better kiss her ass or they could be going home!

Now it is time for the date- the three girls and six guys are going to da club. In the limo, a gleeful Joey asks Danny in front of Dani (still too cute!) about his girlfriend. He denies having one, implies that Dani is stupid if she believes rumors, blah blah blah. It’s reality TV! Of course there’s gonna be dramz.

Tensions are simmering at the club. Amy and Shane are grinding on the dance floor and even make out. Luckily for them, Dani misses the smooch, though she does call Shane over because home girl is jealous. Josh pulls Camilla aside and professes his intense connection to her. Considering they have as much chemistry together as oil and water, I don’t buy it, and neither does Camilla, but she’s playing the game so she goes along with it.

And then what do you know! A fight breaks out between Joey and Danny! Everyone gets kicked out of the club, so they go back to the house where, surprise, surprise, they get in another fight! And let’s not stop at Danny and Joey. I think Shane and Taylor are due for a few punches. Yup, there they go. Men! Luckily, the fisticuffs are broken up before anyone gets too violent. Par for the course.

But wait… Taylor accuses Camilla of being fake for playing Josh “like a drum.” Oh snap! Camilla gets up in his face being all “I’m from Long Beach, I’m from Cali” blah blah blah. She turns around to leave and then Taylor takes off his bowtie and places it on her shoulder. She then faces him again and clocks him in the face, knocking him down. Damn girl! He starts tearing up and he’s covered in blood (ewww) and Joey is turned off by Camilla because he knows he could be next!

The next morning Camilla approaches Tay Tay and semi apologizes but not really, because why be a mature adult. Gotta hand it to her, she did what Shane’s been trying to do all season!

It’s elimination day, so Dani the HBIC chooses guys she may want to send home. Her strategy is to pick guys all on Team Amy or Camilla. Makes sense. In the end she selects Jamin, Josh, Brandon, Danny, and Casey.

And now it’s elimination time. The men plead their cases. Well, except for Danny who pretty much digs his own grave. He calls Dani unintelligent for believing Joey. She confronts him and threatens essentially to beat him up, and he’s all, that’s what an unintelligent person would do. He’s kind of right… The other guys all pull the same cards as every week: I’m here for you, we have a connection, I want to get to know you better, etc etc.

So now it’s time to decide who stays and who goes. Amy and Camilla agree to save Brandon. Then they both decide to send Danny home. Booooo. He’s cute but he definitely checked out.

And then there were three. Amy and Camilla agree to keep Casey. Now it’s down to Jamin and Josh. In the end, his magic tricks can’t save him and Josh disappears when Amy and Camilla agree to send him packing.

So who will be next???

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud

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