Love Games 408 Recap: Three Girls Enter, One Girl Leaves

Get caught up on Love Games Episode 408 with Liz Out Loud's Recap!

Happy New Year! It’s been FOREVS. So much to talk about. Let’s begin, shall we?

Last time we met, Brandon was sent home. So now there are only SIX guys left! Uh oh! The girls start plotting their victory strategy.

The house receives an envelope announcing the next HBIC Challenge: Three Girls will Enter, One will go Home. Uh oh again! Who will it be??? The frantic gals start aligning themselves with the guys. Dani is convinced she has Shane, Andre, and Taylor on her side. Joey might be Team Camilla, might be Team Amy. Eh, who knows? He’d be an annoying boyfriend anyway because he cares more about his hair than these ladies do about their own lovely locks.

Tanisha arrives and it is challenge time! Woohoo! And what do you know? She brings three guests with her; Season 8 Bad Girls Elease, Erica (wearing pink, but not her signature pink pajamas… Bahhhh!), and Gabi (Dani’s twin). Everyone is so excited to see each other! Hahahaha just kidding. They all hate each other! So this will be fun.

Tanisha announces that the challenge will be a game of dare. The three girls will pick their teams of two guys, and then they will complete 4 rounds of dares, each one with different point values. The girl with the most points wins! LEGGO!

Oh, and each lady is matched with one of the visitors. This is going to be good! Elease is paired up with Camilla, who chooses Tyrone and Andre for her team. Gabi and Amy are matched, and Amy selects Joey and Taylor. Erica goes with Dani, who picks Shane and Casey.

Round One! The girls, along with one of their male counterparts, have to French kiss the feet of their nemesis. Camilla goes first and picks Dre to complete the task with her, since he has experience sucking on toes. They lick Elease’s feet like they are champagne-flavored Popsicles. Amy and Joey go next and slobber all over Gabi. Finally, Shane and Dani make out with Erica’s feet. I just think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Anyone else?

At any rate, all the girls receive a point for that round, and it’s time for the next dare! Dani, Camilla, and Amy all have to eat a concoction of sardines, blue cheese, chocolate sauce, raw turkey bacon, and a cherry! Damn, I love blue cheese! If they threw in a buffalo wing I’d be just about the happiest person alive. But alas, this is not the Liz Out Loud show, this is Love Games! Dani gags on the, er, entrée while Amy and Camilla down it like pros (oh it is too easy to make a joke here so I will just let you fill in the blank). So now Amy and Camilla are tied for the lead and Dani is in last place.

Round three! Erica, Gabi, and Elease all get to raid their BFFs’ closets and pick one item to destroy with the assistance of the guys. Dani, Amy, and Camilla freak out because they have such nice, high end stuff, am I right? Ha! Erica goes first, bringing with the dress that Shane bought for Dani that allegedly cost $500 but looks more like he got it at the discount rack at Drag Queens R Us for $12.95. Erica and Shane go to town on the dress, spray painting and cutting it up. Hey, I personally think it looks better as an art project than an article of clothing so there’s that.

Oh and what do you know? Gabi and Elease start poking at each other and a brawl erupts! What a surprise! The old Bad Girls are sent away.

After the dust, weaves, and pancake makeup settle, the house returns to their mission to destroy other people’s sh*t. Andre smashes Camilla’s sunglasses and Joey destroys Amy’s snakeskin boots. Casey Cartel is SAD because he just bought them for her :(.

It’s time for the final round. Amy and Camilla are still in the lead, and Dani’s a*s is still last. It’s going to be a close one!

Also, a really sucky one! Tanisha announces that a guy from each team will have to get a tattoo of their girl’s name. Eh, not great, but they can just put it on the bottom of their foot right?. But wait, there’s more! They have to get the tat on their ankle or above! Oh sweet Jesus, could it get any worse??? And the answer is YES. Not only is it the girl’s name, it is the girl’s name within a pair of lips.

Camilla accepts the challenge and sends Tyrone to the chair. He’s freaking out because he has no ink and his mom is going to kill him. Haha mine would too! Despite his fears, he gets Camilla’s name enrobed in a pair of lush lips stamped on his wrist. That was smart. Tanisha asks how he feels, and Cami answers for him. And I quote, “He feels like a million bucks. You’ve got a celebrity on you.” There are no words.

Next Joey gets Amy’s name tattooed on his ankle. He’s such a multitasker that he motorboats Amy while he suffers through the pain. What a trooper! Finally, Dani declines the challenge. Her feeling is there is no way that she can win the HBIC so why make Shane get her name in ink. This might be the first selfless thing I’ve seen her do all season!

So now it’s a tiebreaker between Amy and Camilla. They have to take off their panties and then three guys will vote on whose underwear is the sexiest. Sounds classy! In the end Amy’s skimpy pink panties win. Congratulations HBIC!

And it’s date time! This week each girl can pick out their own date. Sexy! Amy chooses Joey (poor Casey!), Camilla selects Tyrone, and Dani picks Shane.

During the dates, it’s a continuous shift of alliances. Joey at this point seems more Team Amy, but he also wants Dani out, as does Andre. What will happen???

Well, what do you know? The dates are over and now it’s time for the guys to vote to send a girl home! Each girl pleads their case on why they should stay. The men separate from the girls to deliberate. After a very somber discussion, they elect Shane to be the messenger. Uh oh, this doesn’t look good for Dani! And it’s not. Home girl is going HOME. She starts sobbing and won’t even look at Shane. Egads, I think she actually likes him!

But there’s no crying in Love Games! It’s time to send a guy home! As HBIC, Amy picks three guys for elimination: Taylor, Tyrone, and Shane. The decision is up to Camilla who will be booted to the curb. She saves her boo Tyrone first, then Shane. Tay Tay is going home. What a surprise.

So one week left. Five guys, two girls. Who will win??? Will Casey use his Cartel to snag Amy? I guess we’ll just have to wait!!!

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud

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