Speed Dater Dani (LG, Ep. 2)

By Dani LG4

I thought it was a smart decision on Camilla’s part to keep both Tyrone and Danny. Nothing good would have come from her sending two guys home. They would have thought she had no heart and it would have just been annoying to everyone. No one likes anyone who abuses power and goes on a power trip. She made the right choice; it was too early to know anything about them anyways. Javier on the other hand only needed a few minutes to come off like a douche.

Truth or dare was fun. Games like that can break everyone out of their shell. However, truth or dare with three Bad Girls and a bunch of hot-headed men can lead to drama.

Mo was what I considered "quiet as a mouse." He barely spoke. So to have him come out in his underwear half naked was quite surprising. Although he looks good half naked, I still barely thought of him at this point of time. Your chest and abs won’t help me know what team you’re playing for or whether or not your a*s needs to be packing up and heading home.

I like Taylor a lot but I do have to keep in mind that he has played this game before and will do anything to make it to the end. However, Mo has spent more time with the guys in the house then with any of us girls so I actually believed what Taylor was telling me. If he isn't here to date me, or any of the girls, he shouldn’t be here.

I was excited for speed dating! I thought it'd be funny to see who felt most relaxed next to me. I ended up having the most chemistry with Taylor, Shane, Jamin, Joey, and Casey.

I wasn't surprised Judi and Matt were brought back, but I didn’t know if I could really trust their judgment or not. But it’s all in their hands now. I think they made a few weird choices especially saying that Taylor liked Amy the most.

I really try to keep this competition classy and use my great eye of observation to see who is fake with me and who is real. Whoever isn’t on team Dani for the right reasons will keep it moving straight into elimination round when I am HBIC. I was sooooo happy to be HBIC this week, but even happier to get my secret power! I choose to go on a date with Shane because Judi and Matt said we had the most chemistry and I had yet to spend a lot of time with him. Since they said Taylor had chemistry with Amy, and Camilla had chemistry with Andre, I wanted to see for myself so I put them on dates. I feel like Tyrone is all about Amy and Camilla so I picked him as my second date so I could spend some quality time with him to get him on my team too!

I feel like Taylor and Shane both want to make it through this competition with me and they see each other as a threat. I feel like that fight was the first of many.

Amy and Camilla seemed right at home on the date doing way too much with the boys. I prayed for this date to be short. How am I supposed to get to know a guy if he’s worried about licking whipped cream off my thighs? I stole Brandon because he is also someone I haven’t spent much time with and I needed to know where his head was at. He appreciated how I played the game and was willing to "fill" me in on things I needed to know.

Mo hasn’t made it clear he's hear for anyone, Casey was clearly all about team Amy, and Devin was all about team Camilla. None of which help me out in the long run, that’s why I put them up for elimination.

With all the drama that happened with Taylor during truth or dare, and the fact that he was on my team, I needed to make sure he was safe during the next HBIC challenge. I don’t want these girls sending home any of my men!

I kind of predicted that ending- that Amy and Camilla would save Casey and Devin and send Mo home. That’s why I was okay with putting up two of their men; they got rid of their loose ends.

Camilla and I had Andre and Tyrone sleep over because they are just too much fun to be around and I think it was a good look for locking them onto our teams. We were having so much fun that I didn’t realize Amy wasn’t in bed where she was supposed to be, I wonder where she was........

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