Team Camilla (LG, Ep. 405)

By Camilla LG4

At this point, it's still hard to tell which guys I have on my side because once a new girl becomes HBIC they're all over that girl. I think I have Tyrone, but we have to wait and see. I think Joey is the most important to have on Team Camilla because he knows how to play the game and he's a good spy.

During the HBIC challenge, the casting tapes didn't change my mind about the guys because it was them being honest. I'm not a judgmental person so I just wrote it down in my black book and kept it pushing.

I don't care too much about who I go on dates with because at the end of the day, I want to win and if it takes me going on dates with people I don't want to go on a date with, so be it.

Josh is real lame. Good guy, but just not for me. He's so corny to ask if he could be my second date, but I decided to take him because I felt like either this day would help or kill his game. He seemed like he wanted to have fun, so I took him.

My date was great. We danced all night and had a blast. It was funny watching Dani get mad at Shane and Amy because they were kissing. She's so wrapped up in Shane, she can't even think straight. Joey and Danny's fight was funny and when we got home, Shane and Taylor fought, which was hilarious because this whole time they've been fighting over Dani.

I thought Taylor was full of it and looking for attention. I don't regret hitting him. He should have not thrown anything on me. I apologized, but I don't regret it.

To be honest, I didn't really care that Jamin, Josh, Brandon, Danny, and Casey went up for elimination. They don't make much of a connection with me. But hey, I'm playing the game.
Danny was not on my team so at the end of the day, he had to go. Plus he was disrespectful in the elimination room. Josh is just lame all the way around. He entertains me, but not sexually or physically.

I think Joey is playing the game and he just wants to be on my team for the ride. I will use him as much as I can because he's smart.

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