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Martinis & Murder Cocktail Recipe: Aperol Spritz

Pair this classic spritz with episode #74 “Killing and Castration.”

Ever want to hit someone in the face with a cork while popping open a Prosecco bottle?

Or is that just the aberrant behavior of Matt the Bartender when he’s around John and Daryn?

If you're like Matt and want a plausible excuse to “accidentally” hit someone while making a drink, this is the cocktail for you. Plus it’s refreshing AF, and something yours truly once mixed up as a bartender for a baby shower, because every baby shower should have a resident boozer.

2 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 dash of soda water


In a glass full of ice, Combine Prosecco followed by Aperol in equal parts. Add a splash of soda. Garnish with an orange slice.

Mix it up while listening to “Killing and Castration,” the controversial case of Bridgette Harris, a young woman whose decision to bind and castrate her own father led to his demise. AND the drink just happens to be a bloodish orangey red.

[Photo: Courtesy Aperol; Video: Emily Spada]

Hosts Daryn Carp and John Thrasher chat about creepy crimes and mysterious murders... while mixing up martinis! Each episode will focus on a new crime, the crazy details and the theories about how -- and why -- it all went down. 

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