Martinis & Murder Cocktail Recipe: Espresso Martini

Pair this pick-me-up cocktail with Episodes #76 and #77, “The Casey Anthony Trial.”

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Martinis & Murder Cocktails: Mr. Black Espresso Martini, Episode #76

For this double episode, you’re going to need something to help you go the distance — and what better than a cocktail with a little caffeine.

This Espresso Martini uses Mr Black, a cold brew liquor made in Australia that’s new to the United States. Mr Black is for serious coffee nerds — the distillery has a coffee roastery on site to create a special blend. The final produce is made with 10 times the coffee and about half the sugar as other coffee liquors. So you know, get buzzed while getting, well, buzzed.

Here’s how to make it:


1 ounce Mr Black
1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce Espresso
1/3 ounce simple syrup


Shake hard with ice. Strain into coupe. Garnish with a coffee bean or a cacao nib.

“Oh my god, this is really good,” John said and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Daryn Carp said it helped cure a coffee craving. Another week, another cocktail win for the Staff Boozer (me) despite the fact that Matt the Bartender made it.

Thank god the team liked it. John Thrasher used to work at Starbucks, so he’s a little hard to impress with a coffee drink.

Drink it while learning about the tragic death of Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony's murder trial, and how it affected the entire Anthony family.

 [Photo: Courtesy Mr Black; Video: Emily Spada]

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