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A Father's Plea

S1/EP10 |
Aired: 03/29/2020
When a celebration starts to sour, tempers flare and someone vanishes. Days later, a body is discovered in an unsavory part of a Northern California town. When the case goes cold, it will take a most unexpected plea to finally catch a killer. 43:54

Gambling With Death

S1/EP9 |
Aired: 03/22/2020
An evening at a Mississippi casino turns into a nightmare when a beautiful wife and mother is abducted. When investigators uncover some startling truths the suspects are countless. But it's a shocking twist that finally leads to an unexpected arrest. 43:54

Murder in The Heartland

S1/EP8 |
Aired: 03/15/2020
After a night shift, an Indiana college student heads home. Hours later, and a mile away, her car is found abandoned. And when two horrifying discoveries are soon made, investigators wonder if they're dealing with a small town serial killer. 43:54

Smokey Mountain Murders

S1/EP7 |
Aired: 03/08/2020
It's quitting time in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and a group of fellas bellies up to a local bar. But when moods shift, someone will wind up dead. And when another local mysteriously goes missing, neighbors fear a killer is hiding among them. 43:54

Party Crashers

S1/EP6 |
Aired: 03/01/2020
Some college buddies crash a party in an idyllic Southern California town. But when alcohol flows and jealousy rages, the night turns deadly. The case goes cold for more than a decade before the truth is finally uncovered and justice is served. 43:54

Mother's Day Murder

S1/EP5 |
Aired: 02/23/2020
A rowdy night out at a Chicago pub turns deadly when daybreak reveals a mutilated body. Police cross state lines as they try to track a killer, but it will take an unexpected call and a brutal betrayal to finally solve this case and find justice. 43:54

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