10 Celebrities Who Gained/Lost Weight for Roles (PHOTOS)

By Oxygen

Losing weight can feel like a lot of work... just ask the women starring in our upcoming series, My Big Fat Revenge. While the show focuses more on the women empowering themselves after years of being teased for their weight, all of the women work hard to transform their bodies. For some celebs, losing or gaining weight is most literally was a job. We compiled a list of 10 stars who either gained or lost weight for their roles in films. While some, like 50 Cent, slimmed down to almost unrecognizable versions of themselves, other stars had to gain weight, binging on burgers and beer to pack on the pounds. Scroll through the gallery to see before-and-after version of the celebs, and be sure to follow women on their dramatic weight loss journeys on Oxygen's upcoming series, My Big Fat Revenge. Stay tuned for the series premiere, September 3 at 9/8c! 

'My Big Fat Revenge' premieres September 3 at 8/7c, only on Oxygen! 


Watch a preview for 'My Big Fat Revenge' here 

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