5 Reasons to Watch Episode 2 of 'My Big Fat Revenge' (PHOTOS)

By Lauren Zupkus

On Episode 2 of My Big Fat Revenge, we meet Melissa and Alana, two women who are finally ready to shed the burdens of being overweight and being mistreated by those close to them. Melissa is a sweet, fun-loving young woman from Louisiana. Despite having a great group of girlfriends, Melissa's self-esteem is particularly low because of her ex, Brandon. Brandon refused to date Melissa publicly because he was ashamed of her size. Similarly, Alana finally cut off ties with her best friend of many years after he constantly humiliated her in public, calling her a "fat b*tch."It's time for these ladies to turn their lives around! Check out this photo gallery with 5 reasons to watch tonight's episode.

Be sure to tune in to 'My Big Fat Revenge' Tuesdays at 9/8c. 


Sneak Peek: Alana

Sneak Peek: Melissa

After 'Revenge:' Catch up with Tamar 

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