A Chat with Veata: "I Found My Passion Again"

By Lauren Zupkus

Veata had dreams of being a dancer ever since she was a little kid. Always overweight and picked on because of her size, Veata found her only solace in dancing. Unfortunately, that dream was taken away from her when she was still young. Her former dance teacher told her she couldn't compete because of her appearance. We watched as Veata got fit and got closure from her troubled past on My Big Fat Revenge. See how Veata's doing now in this inspiring Q&A.

What made you want to be on the show?

I wanted to do the show because I felt that it was my opportunity to make a change in my life. I knew that on the show I wouldn't be able to make excuses on why I couldn't work out or eat healthy. This opportunity was going to make me lose my inhibitions and be vulnerable so that I could truly heal and lose weight. 

What might have held you back from losing weight before?

The previous years before the show I tried all kinds of diets and I would lose a few pounds and then gain them back. I was an emotional eater who ate when I was stressed, depressed or just lonely. Food was my comfort!

Were you nervous to have your insecurities displayed on TV?

I was extremely nervous to have my insecurities displayed on TV. The public audience can often be a cruel one, and can formulate negative opinions, so that made me nervous.

What’s some positive qualities about yourself that you wished people focused on instead of criticizing you?

I have many wonderful qualities people can focus on, such as my talent in dance. I'm also outgoing, intelligent and strive to represent a strong woman that loves to have fun and be sponatenous. 

How has your life changed since being on ‘My Big Fat Revenge?’

My life has changed drastically! Not only am I healthy and fit which helps me be lighter on my feet when I am dancing. I have added more years to my life span. I have found happiness, confidence and strength within myself to take on the world. 

Have you since had contact with your old dance teacher after filming?

I have had contact with my old dance teacher after filming. We are working on building our relationship. I have inspired her to get healthy and fit as well.

What are you most proud of accomplishing on the show?

My ultimate goal for the show was to be lose weight and be healthy. I'm so proud to not only have met my goal, but I've exceeded it and Im still losing weight today. I live a healthy day to day lifestyle with clean eating and exercise ,which is completely opposite of how I lived before. The experience I had on the show was empowering because I also had a way to confront my past problems head first. 

What are you up to now?

I am now working on finding a home at a production house to ignite my career in production..as well as working on taking over the world!

What advice would you give to girls who are criticized for their weight?

I would tell other girls like me that you need to stand up for yourself and let them know what is bothering you. When you face your problems as they come up, chances are it will have little effect on your future. I was also the girl on the brink of giving up, and just becoming content with being overweight. Ladies if I can do so can you! The sweetest revenge is to get healthy and fit and let your inner beauty shine. 

What do you do to keep up with your weight loss and stay in shape?

After the show I am still focused on staying healthy and fit! I make healthy food choices that I learned from the show as well as staying active six days out of the week. I have also found my passion and joy for dancing again. I have been creating my own form of choreography.

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