Catch Up with Brooke from 'My Big Fat Revenge,' Episode 5

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Brooke has come a long way. After being told she was too overweight to get a music career, she thought that all hope was lost. But look at her now! She lost weight, she enacted revenge on her producer Glen, and now...she's got a big surprise coming. Scroll down to catch up with Brooke, and tune into new episodes of My Big Fat Revenge, Tuesdays at 9/8!

What made you want to be on the show?

My husband and I wanted to start having children. When I was in the casting process, I was tipping the scale at 287 pounds. If I were to get pregnant, I would surely hit over 300 pounds. I felt like I needed to lead by example. If I'm going to have a significant influence over my future children's lives, I need to practice what I would preach to them. Being cast would allow me to jumpstart my weight loss process and be a voice for girls who have been in predicaments like mine. 

What might have held you back from losing weight before?

The fear of failing, and the embarrassment of others feeling like they were "right" about how they treated me regarding my weight held me back from losing weight. I created a serious defensive wall that fought everyone's opinions about weight, which would have been fine if I were making healthy choices, but I wasn't.

What are some positive qualities about yourself that you wished people focused on instead of criticizing you?

I wanted the world to hear about how young girls get treated in the industry. I'm extremely passionate about my faith. Healing and forgiving are all key elements to my faith. This show has allowed me to work out some dark issues that most people are too prideful to deal with. I'm strong, driven and genuinely a nurturing person. More than anything I challenged Glen to dig deep and find out why he treated me the way he did, so the benefits of the show could continue off camera. 

Do you think that being on the show has affected your confidence in your music career?

Honestly I'm still 60lbs over the industry's unspoken standard, but I feel like my voice has been heard and I represent talented chubby girls across the globe. 

How has your life changed since being on ‘My Big Fat Revenge?’

Well... I'm pregnant! Now I have to learn how to gain a minimum of 15-20lbs of baby.

What are you most proud of accomplishing on the show?

I have a laundry list of accomplishments! I can run, I found my collar bones, I can shop in "regular" stores but most importantly I can help others with the knowledge I've gained.

What do you do to keep up with your weight loss and stay in shape?

I was on a 90-day challenge with this wonderful company called Body By Vi. They offer amazing protein-filled shakes, cereals, cookies amongst other products. However, I ended up getting pregnant a month after I finished filming so simple cardio works for me now.

What advice would you give to musician/producers who have body issues, who want to get into the business?

Rule number 1: The industry's opinion of your size does NOT define you. For me it was my relationship with God that allowed me to know my value. Find yours and root yourself in it. 

Rule number 2: Choose to get healthy for yourself and your own personal reasons. The outward will transform once you start making a true transformation from the inside. 

Rule number 3: Don't give up on yourself! 

Rule number 4:  Love yourself, your body, what you put in it, what you do to it and in return, your body will love you back.

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