Catch Up with Neesha from 'My Big Fat Revenge,' Episode 7

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Last night on My Big Fat Revenge, we met a version of Neesha who was reeling from a breakup with her boyfriend, Shafraz, who once told her that she would be so much prettier if she just lost weight. Now, she's an empowered, fit, marathon-running, ass-kicking yoga instructor! Flip through photos of Neesha today, and learn all about her fitness regimen in our catchup Q&A below!

What have you been up to since the show?

After the show wrapped, I kept my fitness going! I ran a half marathon (13.4 miles) in May -- with a pretty decent time too! (My marathon medal is one of my most prized possessions!). Shortly after, I left for Thailand for the most amazing experience of my life and got certified as a yoga instructor. After coming back, I got certified as a Reiki practitioner and right now I'm teaching strength-based yoga classes at a gym. I love the fact that my fitness level is through the roof and therefore I have to modify exercises to make them easier so that my students can keep up with me!

Have you lost any more weight?

I've stayed on top of my nutrition and have maintained my weight loss. I wanted to give my body a bit of a break so that it could stabilize and maintain this new weight. I recently began working out hardcore again to lose the last 15 pounds. I look and feel fabulous and I've begun to coach friends and family on holistic nutrition and fitness. In fact, I have a group of these amazing women who I'm working with to get and stay fit through the holiday season!  After shedding 40 lbs, losing the last 15 by NYE should be a breeze!

How are you continuing to stay in shape?

I definitely continue to stay in shape! I teach a yoga with weights classes at a gym right now, so I challenge myself when pushing my students through the intense cardio and strength training routines! I run less than before, but I still keep up with interval training and I love trying new workouts: CrossFit, Boot Camps, Paddleboarding, Pole Dance Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Hiking -- I'm always down to try something new! If I ever have questions about my own fitness, I never hesitate to reach out to my "Fitness Parents," Steve and Chrissy. I call them that because they're the ones who helped create this "new me" -- and so they're the ones I trust for answers!

Did your outlook change since being on the show? 

The show taught me that no goal is impossible to reach. If you really want to make something happen, no matter what obstacles might arise, there will ALWAYS be a way. There was one point during training where I hit a 3-week plateau. Imagine that -- you're working your butt off (quite literally), working out six hours a day, eating 1200-1400 calories per day, forcing yourself to eat meat on the daily because your body needs the protein (I normally eat mainly vegetarian), drinking a TON of water, pushing yourself through physical injuries and illnesses -- and not seeing any results for three weeks straight. It messes with you and makes you wonder if it's all worth it. But I wasn't about to give up for the millionth time. I bugged my trainers incessantly, fought with them, gave them headaches and nightmares, and followed their advice -- and somehow broke past that plateau. It was the most rewarding thing ever to see the lowest weight of my adult life on the scale and know that I. Can. Do. Absolutely. Anything!

What is your relationship like with Shafraz now?

I have not kept in touch with Shafraz since the show. Then again, I hadn't kept in touch with him since he acted the way he did after the breakup. I said my piece and I think I did my part to show others out there that nobody -- no woman or man, no matter what their background, financial circumstances, or whatever -- should put up with the demeaning, condescending behavior that so many people unfortunately tolerate. That kind of behavior isn't love. Both people in a relationship hold equal weight of importance and nobody should ever sacrifice their self-worth for another. It's one thing to hold your tongue when you are right, but it's a whole other ball game to allow someone to make you feel less deserving of unconditional love than someone with a different body size or shape. I've never been so bold nor have I ever stood up for myself like that, so I am definitely humbled by the fact that I had the opportunity to push such an empowering message for other individuals who may be in similar circumstances. It was so great to *finally* get closure and allow myself to open up to the potential for REAL love.

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