Catch Up with Paula from 'My Big Fat Revenge,' Episode 6

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Last night on My Big Fat Revenge, we saw Paula's epic transformation from self-conscious to totally confident! After her epic weight loss, the pro hairstylist got revenge on her coworker and friend Anthony, who relentlessly mocked her about her weight. But where is she now? Flip through the photo gallery to find out, and scroll down to find out how Paula has been doing, how she's keeping that weight off -- and the million dollar question: how is everything with Anthony?

Have you lost more weight? If so, how much? 

I've been doing really well. I've lost another 15lbs. I'm still working towards my goal, hopefully by my birthday in November! I've done two 5k's and one 10k.

How are you continuing to stay in shape? 

My diet is a lot like it was during the taping of the show. Low carbs high protein lots of vegetables. I work a lot (60-70hrs/wk) so I have a fitness schedule to keep me on track, Life doesn't slow down, and I knew that if I didn't make a schedule then I'd be in the same place in a few years again. I always take my lunch and snacks to work.

I've been working out with a friend (Paris Clement) who I met at the Biggest Loser finale (she happens to live two blocks from me) and she's also friends with Jeff and Francie (from Biggest Loser) so I've worked out with them a few times. It's nice to be around people who went through a similar experience. Paris tried out for Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss: Makeover Edition and didn't make it, but one of her friends did and she just flew out to surprise him on the TV show. It's nice to be able to work out with her since she's really motivated and she's lost 50lbs. A lot of people don't understand what I went through.

What is your relationship like with Anthony now? 

I'm having my 35th bday in Vegas in November and Anthony is coming. We've been BFFs since I moved back. Not even one fight! ! It will be interesting to see how Vegas goes cuz we haven't been back in Vegas together since the fight that started it all! We hang out all the time and still work together, but we split up the wedding part of the salon. I run that, and I hired a staff to help me. 

I think that the "trial separation" and "Revenge" aspect really showed him that I meant business. He didn't want to lose me, and in the end I didn't want to lose him. The hilarious part is that his husband is still demanding an apology from me, and I won't give it, so we haven't seen each other at all. It's been over a year and I feel like this wasn't his fight to begin with so why on earth would I say sorry to him? 

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