Catch Up with Vanessa from 'My Big Fat Revenge' (PHOTOS)

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In Episode 8 of My Big Fat Revenge, Vanessa weighed 216 pounds, and couldn't have been less happy. She'd watch her father nearly die from unhealthy eating habits, she faced constant hurdles in her dream of becoming an on-camera journalist, and worse....her friend Aaron wouldn't stop bullying her! We watched her lose weight and get revenge on Aaron, but where is she now? We found out in this Q&A!

Have you kept off the weight since the show?

I've lost 9 more pounds since my episode's aired and I proudly weigh 169 pounds! 

How did being on the show affect your outlook? 

The show helped me tremendously -- I can honestly say it saved my life! I never knew proper nutrition before, or how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Now, my body is addicted to eating properly and working out! Of course I'm human and I have those days where I don't want to get up or I want to snack on carbs, but if I do that now, I either earn it by eating cleaner and working harder the day before or I do double the work the next day. If I don't, my entire body is hating me for it, so I have no option but to continue this lifestyle.

I've even inspired my mom and dad to make healthier choices! My dad's starting to eat more salads and now he craves it rather than something fatty -- it's awesome! And when I'm in town my mom will go running on the beach with me which has brought us so much closer together. Not only am I healthier but I've completely changed inside and out. I'm all around happier and stronger. I know I can accomplish anything and I feel gorgeous! My confidence is radiating and I can't stop smiling! 

How are you keeping the weight off?

I make it a point to be active every day. If I'm too busy and can't fit in a solid work out, a walk will suffice. But when I have the time I make sure to do 2-4 miles of cardio a day, squats, sit-ups and weights. If I got this far, I know I can go further! My goal weight is 150 lbs and I'm almost there!

How is your relationship with Aaron now?

After the revenge, Aaron and I became closer than ever. It's crazy, he never realized how he truly made me feel with his side comments about my weight so he was grateful that I showed him how he was making me feel because he realized, "Hey, maybe I'm doing this to other people too?" I can honestly say he beyond supportive and proud of me no matter what size I am. 

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