Here's What Happened on Episode 4 of 'My Big Fat Revenge'

By Lauren Zupkus

On Episode 4 of My Big Fat Revenge, we met two women who were tired of being overweight and being belitted by their loved ones because of their size. We followed Hillary and Pardis as they worked out at the gym and then worked to get closure with those from their pasts. Hillary, who has struggled with being overweight all her life, was especially heartbroken when her now ex-boyfriend gave her an engagement ring that was purposely too small for her. Meanwhile, Pardis is bothered by her boyfriend Mo's habit of calling her names like "thunder thighs." Check out the photo gallery to get a recap of the episode and find out how they got their revenge.

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5 Reasons to Watch Episode 4 

Sneak Peek: Hillary

Sneak Peek: Pardis 

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