Here's What Happened on the Premiere of 'My Big Fat Revenge' (PHOTOS)

By Lauren Zupkus

On the first episode of My Big Fat Revenge, we met Jen and Tamar, two women who wanted to get fit and then get revenge on those who had hurt them in the past. Jen and Tamar are both in their twenties and knew that it was only going to get harder to shed pounds as they aged. So, the two women kissed their loved ones goodbye and headed off to work out for 3 consecutive months, powering through intense exercises with the help of a professional trainer. After they got fit and looked fabulous, it was time for Jen and Tamar to get payback. Check out what happened in the photo gallery recap.

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Follow up Q&A with Jen 

Jen and Tamar's Weight Loss Journeys 

Video Interview with Jen 

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