My Bad Girl Revenge: Mehgan Schools the Homecoming King

By Oxygen

Like the women on My Big Fat Revenge (premiering September 3 at 9/8c!) who are mocked for their weight, even Bad Girls get bullied from time to time. But they sure as hell don't take it laying down. Read All Star Battle star Mehgan's revenge story about how she reminded an ex from college what he was missing out on. 

So freshman year of college my first love dumped me for a hoe. I was so heart broken that I started losing my mind. Once I finally got over it, I decided to go to his senior year homecoming game. At this point, I was already in Bad Girls Club and the whole world knew who I was. He was in the running to become homecoming king but all the attention was focused on me. After the game was over, I went out on the field and people were following me around like I was Beyonce. NO ONE was focused on him and his accomplishments!!! He and his girlfriend were so jealous because all of his friends were like, "Yo, you left her for her?!" LOL. It was the most gratifying feeling. LOL bitch! I'm cool and you are not!

Stay tuned for more info on 'My Big Fat Revenge,' coming to Oxygen September 3 at 9/8c!

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