Oxygen Is Casting! What Have You Done For Love?

By Oxygen


NATIONAL CASTING: Outrageous, Over-the-top, Unbelievable, Hilarious Love Stories.

Are you living or have you lived your own blockbuster Romantic Comedy? Do you have a love story that sounds totally untrue…but it is?

Did you do something crazy stupid for the object of your affection?


Oxygen Media is searching the country for men and women to share their outrageous tale of love on TV. Have you pretended to be/do __(blank)__ for love, taken on a false identity or made some sort of huge gesture to win over an object of your affection? Do you have an unbelievable story that’s so crazy or funny no one ever believes it’s true?

We're not just looking for cute moments or worst dates. We are looking for situations that escalated out of control or set you down a deceptive "can't-turn-back-now" path. You might not have thought it was funny at the time, but it's funny now. Maybe it was an #epicfail or totally #winning. 

If you or someone you know has a story, please email castingcrazylove@gmail.com with your story along with a recent photo and current contact information.

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