Do YOU know someone who is addicted to shopping?

In conjunction with its newest show, My Shopping AddictionOxygen conducted a study and here are the results: 

Even though only 6% of Americans admit that they are addicted to shopping, many U.S. adults say that their spending behaviors are compulsive and 32% said they know someone who may be addicted to shopping.

Oxygen conducted a study and here are the results:
• 68% have bought something strictly because it was cheap
• 58% have bought something expensive they didn’t need
• 48% have bought something and when they got home, weren’t sure why they bought it
• 38% have hidden a purchase from friends or family
• 36% have bought something expensive they’ve never used

What will Americans sacrifice in order to shop?
• 30% have gone into credit card debt
• 27% worked overtime
• 15% haven’t paid rent or a utility bill on time
• 14% skipped a meal

Do you know someone who falls into these categories?

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