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Stephanie Lavery, Editor In Chief of Nail It! Magazine, will be blogging and answering your questions all season long! Get to know the nail expert here!

I had my first manicure at the age of 10. My best friend’s mother had an appointment so she let us tag along with her. I remember standing in the middle of the salon, mesmerized by all of the fantastic sights and sounds. I studied the rainbow of polishes in the display and, after much deliberation, settled on the perfect shade of pink. I sat down in the oversize, cushiony, black chair and placed my small hands on the table, barely keeping them still for the excitement. The manicurist looked at me, her emery board at the ready, and asked, “Square or round?” Panic struck me. Square or round? What did that mean? Totally shaken, I managed to peep, “A little of both?”

To this day, every time I sit down to get a manicure I think of my rather silly answer to such a standard question, and I chuckle. No wonder the manicurist looked at me with such a strange expression! The irony is that now I sit at the helm of not one but two nail magazines: Nailpro for the professional manicurist and Nail It! for consumers. For the past eight years, I’ve lived and breathed nails. I cannot only tell you what to look for in a safe salon (cleaning all tools and pedicure tubs between each and every customer is a big one) and name all of the parts of the finger tip (the hyponychium, for instance, is the piece of skin that attaches your nail plate to your finger), but I am also on the forefront of the latest trends in nail products, services and art and have worked closely with the most talented and famed nail artists in the world.

In other words, I know a lot about nails. (I’m not kidding; it’s really kind of unbelievable.) Between the knowledge and connections, I can provide you with a complete guide to your nails, how they work into your beauty routine, accent your fashion sense and fit into your lifestyle. After all, nails are at the forefront of the beauty movement; they are (finally!) getting the attention that they deserve. And I look forward to sharing all of that great nail knowledge with you!

-Stephanie Lavery, Editor In Chief of Nail It! Magazine
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